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Community & Cultural Specialists

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Community and Cultural Specialists

Bullroarers are an Indigenous Australian and veteran owned company turning meaningful insights and our lived experience into tangible Indigenous Engagement Strategies (IES) for our clients to implement and improve their knowledge and engagement with Australia’s First People.

We are dedicated to promoting greater understanding of Australia’s Traditional Landowners through our community, cultural, and specialist services, so that you can effectively, respectively and collaboratively work towards common goals and aspirations.

Operating nationally, our services are divided into three key areas, Community, Cultural and Specialist services. Our services encompass Cultural, Situational and Environmental Awareness Workshops, Heritage Advisory, Early Works Support, Supply Chain Tender Assistance, Indigenous Engagement Strategies, Reconciliation Action Plans and Specialist Services including security management and government investigations.

Utilising our Directors and Principals extensive government, military, law enforcement and commercial experience, we provide clients with practical solutions for engaging with Australia’s First Nations communities. As a Supply Nation Certified company, we are focussed on creating sustainable employment outcomes and assisting clients in meeting Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) targets.


Bullroarers offer a range of Community, Cultural, and Specialist services, to help clients gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of Australia’s First People and how our services can assist them to not only “bridge the gap”, but genuinely “fill it”!

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Our Community Services assist clients in conducting Indigenous Land Planning and Development Assessments and the creation and implementation of Indigenous Engagement Strategies.

These services are usually the prelude to larger projects and can help your organisation with the development of tangible solutions like Reconciliation Action Plans, Field Survey reports, Protocol Enforcement, and Indigenous Australian upskilling programs.

Bullroarers have assisted a number of government and corporate organisations including:

  • Australian Defence Force
  • Aurecon
  • Geoscience Australia
  • ISEC
  • SMEC
  • Wilson Security
Heritage Advisory2021-08-10T13:22:53+10:00
  • Our Senior Ambassador and Advisors work with our clients to provide Indigenous Engagement Strategy (IES) consultancy services, stakeholder engagement, Traditional Landowner negotiation, escort services, and protocol enforcement.
  • We act as your interface with Traditional Owner Groups and Elders, to align expectations and outcomes.
  • We have extensive experience with Traditional Owner Group and Elder engagement to assist with the delivery of projects on Traditional Custodian Lands.
  • We offer a One and Three team model to suit a variety of difference projects and ensure governance, risk and compliance, infield safety, first aid, and administrative support.
Geospatial Reconnaissance2021-08-10T13:22:40+10:00
  • Bullroarers utilise our investigation and intelligence experience to assist clients with Land Access Services, including the identification of landholder contacts, negotiation of fieldwork activities, providing ongoing communication and issue resolution with landholders.
  • We also work with technical staff to resolve technical and cultural knowledge gaps, ensure adequate records are maintained and work with other land access authorities to ensure consistent access throughout a project’s duration.
Remote Indigenous Veteran Environmental Ranger Services (RIVERS)2021-08-10T13:22:32+10:00
  • Indigenous Ranger Programs have created more than 2100 jobs for Australia’s First People and assisted Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s find meaningful employment and manage our vast lands and seas.
  • The Bullroarers Australia RIVERS Program, is designed to address the needs of government and community needs to establish successful ranger services in the traditional custodians of the land, whilst meeting employment and cultural challenges.
  • Our program provides a structured framework for cultural practices like indigenous back burning, inclusive hunting, vermin control, propagation and food foraging to occur while developing the next generation of Indigenous Australian stewardships.
Project Consultancy2021-08-10T13:22:20+10:00
  • Bullroarers Australia provide end-to-end project consultancy services, to assist clients in conducting Indigenous Land Planning and Development Assessments.
  • This service includes surveying a proposed project site, advising clients on Aboriginal Heritage Permits, identifying Indigenous Artefacts, repatriation services and developing risk management plans to further client’s projects in a way which is consistent with Aboriginal community and cultural expectations.
  • Our Indigenous Ambassador and Advisors specialise in identifying, meeting and engaging with Traditional Land-Owners and Tribal Elders to understand and identify community needs.
  • We assist clients in negotiating and interpreting matters of significance between Traditional Land-Owners and we can review and suggest culturally accepted solutions.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have a rich culture which has endured for over 60,000 years.

Our services are designed to give clients valuable insights into Australia’s First People and assist them in taking meaningful steps to engage effectively with Indigenous Australians.

We strive to enable clients to make culturally informed decisions on a day-to-day basis, resulting in better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Situational, Environmental Workshops2021-08-10T13:22:10+10:00
  • Our workshops are designed to challenge the leadership teams and address real, perceived or ingrained barriers which may impact an effective Indigenous Engagement Strategy.
  • Throughout the workshop will examine an organisations internal culture and which factors can be influenced to positively impact Indigenous engagement.
  • A certificate of completion will be provided to all participants.
  • This Service is a precursor for future activities between both organisations, including but not limited to Reconciliation Action Plan support.
Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP)2021-08-10T13:21:29+10:00
  • A RAP is a strategic document that supports your organisation’s business plan.
  • Our team are experts at working with clients to assist them with developing and articulating practical actions which will drive reconciliation both internally and externally.
  • This Service involves a 4 Step Process: Conception, Creation. Adoption & Implementation, Reconciliation.
Employee Cultural Induction Programs2021-08-10T13:21:15+10:00
  • Bullroarers Employee Cultural Induction Programs are designed to increase new employees understanding and respect of Indigenous Australian culture.
  • This service involves a tailored half-day or full day cultural awareness workshop for employees and includes briefing personnel on cultural protocols and customs and the existing Indigenous Engagement Strategies within the client’s organisation.
  • All participants receive a certificate of completion.
Training & Professional Development2021-08-10T13:20:54+10:00
  • Bullroarers work with Indigenous Australian, veteran run Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to offer training and development, certifications and accreditations, to clients.
  • Our leadership team are qualified instructors and qualified to offer various certifications and a suite of courses in conjunction with our RTO partners.


Bullroarers leadership team have extensive experience operating within the defence and national security sector which we now offer to clients that require niche and specialist services.

With over 30 years defence, law enforcement, security and investigative experience, our team continue to serve our sovereign industrial capability by supporting government and corporates with everything from code of conduct and supply chain investigations to security management services for Australia’s critical infrastructure.  

  • We are fully licenced and accredited to undertake corporate and government investigations, possessing a, Commercial and Private Inquiry (CAPI) Agent licenses (mutual recognition), Certificate IV in Government Investigations, and a national team of over 40+ government accredited and licenced investigators.
  • Director Neal regularly provides investigation services as part of his ADF service. Our team have been successfully listed across multiple panels, tenders, and corporate projects including a nationwide Sports Integrity Australia code of conduct review.
  • Our personnel have multi and inter-agency investigative experience, hold government accreditations and high-level security clearances. This means we have the capability to assist clients with end-to-end covert and overt investigations.
Security Management2021-08-10T13:20:12+10:00
  • Bullroarers Australia operate nationally and hold a Security Master License and are trusted to support, train, and resource for some of the most secure corporate and government sites in Australia.
  • Our security management services utilise our Directors 30+ years’ experience working with (and in) the ADF, Law Enforcement and the Security Industry, making us the reliable choice for any client in need of quality security services.
  • We utilise a security cleared, veteran and ex-law enforcement team for all of our security services.
Indigenous Australian Professional Upskilling2021-08-10T13:19:33+10:00
  • We are a partner with Vertical Scope Group’s, WorkPath Australia Professional Upskilling.
  • WorkPath is an award winning training and employment program which offers Indigenous Australian’s professional upskilling opportunities and career pathways across the corporate and government sector.
  • WorkPath assists Bullroarers in developing individual, tailored, professional upskilling and employment pathways for Indigenous Australians which are then organised in conjunction with WorkPath to assist organisations in achieving parity, ensure affirmative measures are taken to foster culturally inclusive recruitment and help clients meet Indigenous Australian employment targets.

About Us


Bullroarers is an organisation founded on friendship, and created by two men, Neal and David, who have a passion for serving Australia and her people. Both Directors have sought to assist Indigenous Australian’s in finding meaningful employment while supporting the defence and national security sector.

Since being founded in 2020, Bullroarers has helped a range of corporates, local government, traditional landowner groups and Elders, and Indigenous Australians with these services and tangible community, cultural and specialist outcomes.

Our Team

Neal McGarrity – Co-Founder and Director

Cornelius (Neal) McGarrity is a proud Indigenous Biripi-Dunghutti man with a strong career spent serving community and country. He has continually served his country, first as a member of the Australian Army where he operated overseas in support of wider international task forces, before providing specialist services as a NSW Police Officer. Throughout his 30+ year career, Neal has been instrumental in championing several landmark reforms for corporate and government clients, including delivering Cultural, Situational and Environmental Awareness workshops to industry leaders, implementing an umbrella corporate WHS management system for a large government department, and leading a security team responsible for protecting a government embassy.

Since co-founding Bullroarers, Neal has used his excellent communication skills to act as a central point of contact for clients, coordinator of projects, conduct geospatial reconnaissance activities and provide community and cultural insights. In his spare time, Neal continues to serve his country as a Military Police Officer with the Army Reserves, and manages the Angel Feather Foundation, a charity which he created to provide support to those dealing with terminal and life-threatening illnesses – testament to his work ethic and “deeds not words” ethos.

David Jam – Co-Founder and Director

David is a business executive and entrepreneur who has spent his career supporting the defence and national security sector. It is this experience which fostered a specific interest in supporting veterans and transitioning ADF members, Australia’s First People and all Australian security cleared personnel. He has used his domestic and international executive experience to provide innovative workforce, training and employment programs to government departments and corporates globally.

David has dedicated his time to support the men and women who serve, secure and protect our country. He has built trusted relationships with stakeholders across government, defence, the national intelligence community, corporates, academia and training organisations. His multidisciplinary businesses are trusted to provide these areas with recruitment, personnel contracting, workforce planning, training and other niche security cleared services. Having founded Vertical Scope Group and the award winning WorkPath Australia program, he is proud to have co-founded Bullroarers Australia with Neal to increase parity and training and employment opportunities for Australia’s First Peoples.

Edwin James (Jim) Mi Mi – Chief Cultural Ambassador

Edwin James (Jim) Mi Mi is a proud Indigenous Wakka Wakka man born and raised in Gayndah, QLD. Jim has spent his life proudly representing his community and country, first as a Warrant Officer Class Two in the Royal Australian Infantry Corp and then as a Community and Cultural Ambassador for a range of tier 1 organisations following his retirement from the military. Since leaving the ADF, Jim has worked with Bullroarers to execute some of Australia’s largest community and cultural projects, including serving as the lead Ambassador for early works, acting as the interface for clients and Traditional Owner Groups, identifying artifacts of cultural significance, conducting escort services and Landowner negotiations.

His connection to Bullroarers stems from his long-standing friendship with Neal, with both men serving together as part of Operation Solace, supporting the United Nations with humanitarian operations in Somalia. When Bullroarers was founded, Neal knew that it would be the perfect vehicle for Jim to share his passion for Indigenous Australian’s with clients.

Jim’s passion for support the Wakka Wakka community and Indigenous Australians endures through his development of Remote Indigenous Veteran Environmental Ranger programs, promoting and implementing Indigenous Engagement Strategies with local councils and clients and through his mentoring of emerging Indigenous leaders.

What is a Bullroarer?

The Bullroarer is an ancient ritual musical instrument and a device historically used for communicating over great distances. We use the bullroarer as our symbol to reflect that we seek to improve clients understanding of Indigenous Australian community, culture and provide practical solutions for bringing all Australians together.

To the Australian Aboriginal, the Bullroarer is believed to be the voice of great ancestral spirits. The bullroarer, a sacred object which was hidden from sight and used only during initiation rites and other important ceremonies. Only men who were fully initiated were allowed to use them; only the wisest men were able to understand what the voice of the bullroarer said. At the time of initiation, the candidate left the women’s part of the camp when he heard the bullroarers wailing in the distance.

Our Accreditations, Qualifications & Standards

We are a proud Supply Nation registered, highly accredited, Indigenous Australian, veteran run company.

Bullroarers possess multiple security, investigations and training qualifications which give our clients the confidence that we will utilise reputable operating practices and transparent services.


| Supply Nation Certified

| 100% Australian Owned

| Master Security Licence Sub-class ME (NSW with ACT mutual recognition)

| Class 1A Unarmed Guard Licence (NSW/ACT)
| Class 1C Crowd Controller Security Licence (NSW/ACT)
| Class 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D Security Guard Licence (NSW/ACT)


  • Certificate IV in Government Project Management

  • Certificate in Professional Negotiation & Influencing

  • Certificate III in Clerical and Personnel Administration

  • Graduate Certificate in Management

  • Certificate IV in Government Investigations

  • Diploma of Government (Fraud Control)

  • Diploma of Government (Investigation)

  • Certificate IV in Investigations & Fraud Control

  • Certificate in Forensic Examination

  • Certificate IV Government (Investigations)

  • Certificate IV Workplace Assessment and Training

  • Diploma in Government (Investigations)

  • Diploma of Policing (Investigators)

  • Electronic Surveillance Training

  • Graduate Certificate in Forensic Examination

  • Leadership in Government – Managing Conflict Accreditation

  • Masters of Investigations

Law Enforcement & Security
  • Australian Federal Police Search & Seizure Accreditation

  • Australian Federal Police Evidentiary & Court Procedures Accreditation

  • Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)

  • Bachelor of Law

  • Certificate in Critical Incident Management

  • Certificate IV Security Management

  • Diploma of Government (Security and Risk Management)

  • Diploma of Government (Security)

  • Diploma of Government (WH&S)

  • Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management Response)

  • Diploma of Security Engineering

  • Diploma of Security and Risk Management

  • Diploma of Occupational Safety & Health

  • Diploma of Public Safety

  • Diploma of Legal Practice

  • Diploma of Security & Risk Management

  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

  • Hostage Crisis Negotiation Training

  • Graduate Certificate in Police Management

  • Master Security License

  • Masters of Policing

  • Unrestricted Legal Practicing Certificate


| AS ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management
| AS4804:2001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

| Fair Work Ombudsmen Diversity and Discrimination Course

| United Nations Office of Audit and Investigations Guidelines

| Australian Government Investigations Standards (AGIS)
| Australian Privacy Principles
| Australian Public Service Commission Handling Misconduct Guide
| Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework
| Defence Accountable Authority Instructions
| Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (Cth)
| Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (Cth)

Specialist Service Capability

  • Close Protection Services including Protective and Infrastructure Security

  • Compliance and Reporting

  • Computer Crime Investigations (Forensic)

  • Corruption Investigation

  • Counter Terrorism

  • Criminal Investigations (Policing)

  • Cyber and Identity Crime Investigations

  • Cyber Security and Information Security Investigations

  • Data Analysis and Extraction

  • Digital Forensics Security Engineering

  • Electronic Evidence Examinations

  • Electronic Records of Interview with Suspected Persons (Ethical Interviewing Procedures) ERISP

  • External and Internal Investigations (Criminal and Disciplinary)

  • Field Security Supervisor (Armed Response)

  • Financial Group Investigations

  • Fraud, Security and Investigations including Analysis

  • Intelligence Analysis

  • Interagency Liaison

  • International Law Enforcement
  • International Relations
  • Major Crime Intelligence Services

  • Organised Crime and Suspect Target Profiling

  • Policy, Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Private Investigations

  • Private Security Consulting and Trainer Advisory Services

  • State and Municipal Local Laws Investigations

  • Surveillance Operations (Covert/Overt/Urban/Rural)

  • Tactical Intelligence and Response

  • Technical Interception Services

  • Undercover Operations

Memberships & Affiliations

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Edwin James (Jim) Mi Mi
Chief Cultural Ambassador

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